Thursday, 16 June 2011


I was first introduced to Invader Street Art when I first started tour guiding 2 years ago. Invader is a street artist from Paris who uses mosiac tiles to create small and large space invader creations. The idea is that he is invading cities with his art, and it works, with numerous pieces found all over the world. I myself have found many all over London including Soho, Old Street, Bloomsbury, Brick Lane and the surrounding areas. What makes it even more amazing is that the art work is put in a certain place for a reason. Once you have found one invader you can easily find the others as if you cross them off on a map it will show another invader on the map! Brilliant!

Please see below my collection of the Invaders I have found over the years. If you have any then please let me know as I've now become a bit of a geek and have started taking photos of them! Plus if you have never seen them before, then next time your out, look up, look down and look around and next time you might just find an Invader.

Neal's Yard, Seven Dials

Charing Cross Road
Brick Lane, With also Banksy's Pink Car and D*Face Bomb Car

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