Friday, 13 May 2011


The Seven Noses of Soho

Hello everybody. London Detour is back. Have been busy at late but am now back with some great new finds and hidden gems of London Town. Remember to follow me on twitter for quick updates of my London Tour Guide Adventures @londondetour.

Today I had a tour cancelled, but it did not stop me exploring the city. I decided to go to Soho to do some research for an upcoming tour that I have booked. Soho is a fantastic place, a great mixture of cultures, people and history, from China Town to the famous sex shops and brothels (so I've been told).

But today I was looking for something else...... Last night I got talking to a friend about Soho and he was able to tell me about the Seven Noses of Soho. I knew about the Nose on Admiralty Arch but was unware of Noses placed around Soho. Apparently, a sculptor named Rick Buckley made casts of his own nose and scattered them round Soho. It is said that if you find all seven you will become wealthy forever more.

And so I started the find. Soho was busy today (like most days), and to the passers-by it must of been odd to see me looking up at the buildings and not looking where I was going! But on I went, determined to find them. I eventually entered Meard Street, a quaint little side street with 18th Century buildings and cobbled road. It may of been small but the street was full of life, with businessmen chatting and a waitress on a fag break. A guy was taking photos of an Invader street art piece that was placed on the top corner of a building and to my suprise, on a wall, high up, was my first Soho Nose! A great feeling passed through me, the camera came out and I snapped away. It was alot larger than I imagined but now I new what I was looking for.

However, my dear followers. This is where my adventure came to an end. I looked for a couple of hours more with no luck, and my neck was starting to hurt from looking up too much. So ladies and gents scroll down to see my one and lonely nose......

All that work for this! But wont stop me going out to find the others. The first Nose was put up in the mid 90's and Buckley put the last cast up in 2005. It is also said that other casts of body parts have been found including an ear and arms. Keep your eyes peeled.

Coming Soon........ INVADER STREET ART

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