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Laura Merryweather - London Photographer

Hello London Lovers everywhere,
Welcome back to London Detours Blog. This is my first blog since I started up my new walking tours across the Capital and I want to say thank you to everyone who has supported me and London Detours. I’m passionate about showing a different side to London, from the hidden gems, history, communities and people. Which leads me on to our first interview......
London Detours is a big believer in supporting and promoting talent in London and the surrounding areas.
A few months ago London Detours went on a photo shoot with a young photographer called Laura Merryweather. Laura is a budding photographer who has racked up a great portfolio by working with many different projects, she is a passionate individual that London Detours thinks is worth mentioning in this months blog.
It was great to see her at work, while I pointed out Landmarks and side streets full of history and stories, Laura snapped away. I’m always interested in people taking photos on my tours and the stranger the angles, the better. From taking pictures of Trafalgar Square and Covent Garden to snapping at a pair of old boots and cigar shops. Laura was able to catch London and what it’s really about in a creative and unique way. Check out my favourite photos below as well as an interview with Laura.
I love this one. Hodge the Cat, City Detour.

When did you first pick up a camera?
When I was like 4 or 5 I'd go out with my Nan and she'd attempt to take photos of things or people and cut their heads off or miss the things she wanted to take so I suppose I just got into it from that I think. I spent a fortune on getting Polaroid film as well because I was an impatient child and always wanted to see how they turned out straight away. I want to get back into experimenting with Polaroid’s again because there’s a real sense of capturing the unique moment.

What makes you passionate about photography?

 I suppose it's the idea that you're capturing a moment that will never happen again or seeing something that will never be seen in the same way again. Every time you look at something it makes you think or it can inspire you so if you can capture it you can always be inspired or remember how it made you feel.

What is the best photograph you have ever taken and why?

 My favourite photos change all the time depending on the mood I'm in, but one of the ones taken on the tour, the fountain with sculptures around it by (I don't remember the blokes name) with a camera and water in the background because water is a perfect example of capturing something that won't been seen again.

You spent a day taking photos for London Detours; did you enjoy the sights of London?

 London is definitely a city that you could walk around on your own for weeks and never fully see it, it's also challenging to try and take photos of very well known areas and make them look different but it's also refreshing to find completely new places so close to areas you thought you knew.

 I don't think there are any parts of London that I don't like taking photos of because its ever changing but in particular Soho is one of my favourite areas because there's a massive variety of people and in general its very full of colour and there’s always something new to find.

What’s next with your photography, any new projects coming up?

 I'm working on a few ideas for collections one in particular is the idea of how old; otherwise useless things can be inspiring. 

If people wanted to find out more about you and your photography, how can they get in touch?

 Go to my website to see a selection of my photos and for contact details.

A fantastic Community Park in Soho. Westminster Detour.

Invader Street Art at Seven Dials. Again, a favourite. Westminster Detour.

To see Laura's full portfolio visit or visit

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