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The 24 Hour London Tour

‘Come and join in & be part of the most compelling & creative charity event of 2012’

My name is Joe Morris and I am a London Tour Guide. I am about to embark on the challenge of a lifetime and I want you all to come along to join in.

This Summer on Saturday 25th August I will lead a guided walking tour of London for 24 hours. That’s 24 HOURS! Walking and talking for 24 HOURS!

Some people would say this was crazy, some people would say what's the point. For me, this is a great unique personal achievement that has never been done before. And not only that, its all for charity too! Plus, it could be a World Record! Plus, it's being filmed for a documentary!

All money raised for this fantastic project will go towards The Rob Knox Foundation; the Foundation raises money to help campaign against street violence and knife & gun crime. The Foundation also helps to advance the education in communities (in particular) school children on the subject of Citizenship. This is something I'm a big believer in and it is important for helping our communities grow in a positive way. For more info and to learn more visit

"I want to show people that we have a London that we can be proud of.
 I want to show a London where people live, work and play.
 I want to show a London that people love.
If we respect London, we respect our communities and we respect ourselves."
- Joe Morris

So, How Does the tour work?

Don’t worry; you don’t do the 24 Hours, that’s just me!

The 24 hours is split into 5 smaller tours which you can book yourself on to. The smaller tours last between 4.5-5 hours and cost £20.00 per person. Get booked up quickly as there are only 17 spaces on each tour. All money raised goes to The Rob Knox Foundation.

I will be working my way across London from East to West, starting with a Street Art Tour, then East London, a walk over the river to Southwark, followed by The City and then lastly Westminster. Within the tours you will find out everything that London has to offer, from its history, traditions, cultures and people. Also, showcasing the London that we live in today, from small charities & businesses, creativity in communities and local characters with local stories. And the great thing is, depending what tour you book, you see a different side to London, whether it’s the busy lunchtime rush, the lively evening out or the silent sunrise. London is a place for everyone & everything.

Which Tour should I choose?
There are 5 tours to choose from, have a look below for which one sounds right for you.

STREET ART – Meeting Point: Aldgate East Station 08.00am Finish Point: Old St Station 13.00pm
It's an early start, but what a great way to see East London, walking around the creative hub of the Capital looking at famous artwork and watching the city wake up and come alive. Over the past decades London has witnessed a creative revolution. Street Art has hit the Capital with colour and vibrancy, making it a hotbed for artists from all over the globe taking to the walls to express their emotions, feelings and opinions. In turn, making London one of the largest outdoor art galleries in the world. We start at Aldgate East with a quick history lesson in street art and why East London in particular is the cool place to be. We then start the adventure and hit the market areas of Petticoat Lane, Spitalsfield and Brick Lane. Delving into the side streets to seek out the leading Street Artists of Ben Eine, D*Face, Pablo Delgado, Banksy, Pez, ROA, Malarkey and many many more. We get to the heart of what Street Art is all about, looking into the questions of what is street art, is it creative and eye opening or just pointless vandalism?

EAST LONDON – Meeting Point: Old St Station 13.00pm Finish Point: Monument Station 18.00pm
The daytime is spent in East London, exploring the local areas in the hustle & bustle of London's most up and coming district. Through the centuries the area has been riddled with crime, industrial buildings and World War bombings, but now it’s vibrant, trendy and the main hang out for all the cool kids. Be shown the creative area and take in the sights, smells and sounds of East London. We will explore the area of Hoxton and stop for some traditional Pie n Mash before discovering the tales of Jack the Ripper & The Kray Twins. The past few decades East London has been regenerated to a trendy and creative area that boasts famous street art, markets, restaurants, clubs, galleries and people. Community has never been stronger, come and experience what London is really about.
SOUTHWARK – Meeting Point: Monument Station 18.00pm Finish Point: Tate Modern 23.00pm
A great time to hit the 'Entertainment District' of London. With the sun starting to go down, let's delve into the debauchery....
For centuries Southwark has been the seedy entertainment district of London, with gambling dens, brothels and taverns hunched in every dirt ridden corner of the area. However, over the decades, Southwark has been regenerated into an area of business, creativity, community and wealth. Its poverty past is near enough forgotten as it now boasts booming food markets, quirky backstreet artwork and cool fresh businesses. Come and explore the area of Bermondsey to discover glassblowing, climbing walls, arts and crafts, hidden cemeteries and historic pubs with famous links to Shakespeare and Dickens. Plus, a stop at the oldest galleried inn pub in London for a pint, sing song and stories of Victorian life in Victorian pubs! 

CITY – Meeting Point: Tate Modern 23.00pm Finish Point: Charing Cross Station 04.00am
...And so into the night and into the City. The oldest part of London it’s sure to excite with its grisly past that hasn’t disappeared, ghost stories galore on this tour. Plus, what an amazing opportunity to see a famous part of London at a time when everyone is in bed. I always believe that you must see London at all different times of the day to watch it breathe...
The City Detour delves into the history of the Capital that makes the square mile such an incredible place to be proud of. It is layered with an ever changing history, with Roman Settlements, Great Fires & Plagues, Bombings and modern high-rise buildings that now scatter our skyline. Plus, a stop at Sweeney Todd's Barber Shop!

WESTMINSTER – Meeting Point: Charing Cross Station 04.00am Finish Point: Trafalgar Sq 08.00am
The early bird tour of Westminster. It's a time when people are fast asleep, snoring and snoozing, dreaming of nice things. However, this tour is the most popular of the lot! This is when London starts to erupt with action. Experience the quiet before the storm and the blast of activity, from the street cleaners to the hustle and bustle of tourists and visitors. Plus watch the sunrise on Westminster Bridge...
With the Westminster Detour we explore the shopping districts of Piccadilly and Covent Garden, indulging in everything London, from a seedy gruesome history to music hangouts. We stroll down the Capital’s most famous postcodes to find a mixture of theatres, street performers, classy west end boutiques and multi cultural communities. Then the Detour takes a twist as we venture on to discover Palaces, Politics and Abbeys.
So, if you want to search for the Seven Noses of Soho, stand on the Official Centre of London, walk down London’s Narrowest Alley, find the World’s Smallest Police Station or spot Invader Street Art then this Detour is for you…. And there’s lots more to discover!

Wow! This sounds amazing! How do I Book a Tour?
It's easy to book a tour....

Give me an email on
 let me know the following:
Your Name
What tour you would like
Number of spaces you would like booked
(Please put in the Subject Box: 24 Hour Tour)

I will get back to you ASAP with more details for the tour.

I can’t come on the 24 Hour Tour but would still like to make a donation...
Not a problem.

I have set up a Just Giving page. So any donation big or small is welcome. Give the link below a click. Thank You
Any questions or for more information then do not hesitate to contact me or call 07843498733
 For more details & information on the event

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