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London Detours Interviews..... Jedd Roberts AKA JEDI

Hello to all my Blogger followers, I hope you all have had a fantastic New Year. London Detours is growing day by day and we have enjoyed some great feedback from both visitors & locals.

Last summer I interviewed a young London Based photographer and the response from bloggers, facebook & tweeters was all positive, so now I have found another young creative Londoner with a great story to tell....


I first met Jedi 3 years ago, we were both working at a community festival over a weekend during the summer. We were flung together on the day by the organisers to entertain the crowds, I was compere, while he sorted out the music. When I was told that Jedi was my music man for the day, what I expected was a middle aged Star Wars fan who would be turning up and down the volume while blowing off the dust from CD's that were last heard in the 90's. However, as I walked towards the marquee (Our base camp for the day), I was introduced to a completely different person. Jedi, as I found out from others around me, was well known in the community. This young guy was a singer/songwriter that not only DJ's but also produces & directs his own music videos, (As well as supporting & encouraging young people in the community within local charities). On the day of the festival, I was amazed by this guy's passion to succeed in whatever he persued, from making sure the dancers of Howbury Friends were treated like professionals and to getting up and singing his latest masterpieces of music. This young man is steeped in creativity and ambition, but not only for himself, but others around him. 

And so I caught up with London-based Jedi to see what inspires him and whats next for this young man from South East London.

So, Jedi, Where are you based? What's your background?
I am a UK based Rap Artist who is currently living on the border of Kent & London in a place called Slade Green.

I am 21 year of age and have deicated my life to becoming a complete artist & entertainer. I rap, I sing, make my own beats, write my own lyrics, produce, masters, & makes and edits my own videos. I own Wipeout Studios, & I also coach young people in schools & youth centres in the aim of helping these youngsters be positive & build confidence. I am on a mission to become a worldwide performer & producer & understand with hard work , dedication, belief, creativity, fun, vision & the love of music, dreams can come true.

What sort of music are you inluenced by?
I am influenced my various music. I love all genres & types of music & I have a huge appreciation of various types of artists. I do however, seem to spend alot of the time listening to the current pop, hip hop & R n B charts as these are the markets I feel I could have more success in.

Why is music important to you?
Music is important to me as it helps me in my day to day life, its part of me, it allows me to express my opinions, teach others & understand, use, & release my emotions.

Where does the name JEDI come from?
My actual name is Jedd & that was given to me by my father. I was named after a good friend of his who passed away in a motorcycle accident. Ever since I can remember my Dad called me Jedi as my nickname, & when I became an artist I continued with that name.

Who is your music aimed towards?
My music is created for everyone. I believe my music can touch everyone's heart from the young to the old & so far from who I have as fans it seems that this is possible. My music is mainstream, but I believe in my lyrics, my unique style and my positive attitude are relatable to any.

You help & support young people in the community, in particular, Howbury Friends, Tell us more about the charity & how you got involved?
Howbury Friends are a youth charity where we offer various activities for young people. It's a great place where we can give back. I got involved as they were offering music classes. I opted to go & when I arrived & met the youth coach we got on really well. I quickly found myself in the producing chair & next thing I know I was helping my friends & others make music & help their dreams come true.

What other artists would you like to work with?
Wow, amazing question, there's so much talent out there. If I was to give my top 3 current artists I'd have to say Rhianna, Adele & Ed Sheeran. I choose these 3 because I'm an emotional rapper & they really make some fantastic emtional songs.

What's in store for the future?
The next 12 months looks great. I've got new mix tapes, more shows, new songs, videos & working on an album for my fans. So a busy year ahead. Exciting times.

Where can we see you next?
I've got a few shows, festivals & clubs coming up, so the best thing to do is join me on my Facebook & you'll find all the info there.

And finally, London Detours is all about showcasing creativity, talent & community, but where is your favourite place in London & why?
I like going up by the London Eye & watching the Street Performers. They crack me up. Hahahaha.

I think you can agree that Jedi is an inspiration to young people out there. I look forward to working with him again in the future. To find out more about Jedi, have a ganders at the info below.

YouTube: 1mcjedi
Facebook: Jedi Jedd Roberts
Twitter: @officialjedi

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