Tuesday, 15 March 2011


So, this is my first post, one of many. Being a London Tour Guide there is alot to show and share so stay in touch people cause theres alot more on the way.

Had a fantastic tour the other day with people from my other job. They all came up to London and I gave them a tour of the City Of London. We walked down Fleet Street and took in the sites of The Royal Courts of Justice, The Temple Church and (one of my Favourites) the supposed site of Sweeny Todd.

The tour carried onto St Pauls, The Bank of England and Leadenhall Market. Being a London Tour Guide Im always coming across new stories and things to show people. One of the highlights was trying to find the smallest statue in london. It took about 15mins but we eventually found it. If you want to know where it is its on Philpot Lane, but thats as much info as Im giving. The looking for it is part of the fun!

Thank you again everyone. And enjoy the new blog. Its all about showing a different side to our fantastic capital. From the historic side streets to our quirky muesums. London has alot to offer. So stay in touch for some fantastic updates.

Taking the group to Temple Church via the quiet and quaint cobbled alleyways of the Inns of Court.

Hen and Chicken Passage. The supposed site of Sweeney Todd. The alleyway is dark and gloomy. A fantastic atomsphere for the famous story of the Demon Barber of Fleet Street.

The Royal Exchange in Bank. Go inside, a beautiful place.

The Smallest Statue in London. Philpot Lane. Good Luck finding it!

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